Back in the proverbial saddle with another Wyrd Ways Rock Show.

This big news this week is an interview with Sabaton, recorded for us by Nick over at Nuclear Blast, and a MASSIVE slab of music from next year’s SOS Festival in Manchester.  Nine bands have been announced.  I’ll be playing you something from seven of them, including the Friday night headliner.  I've also got Wyrd Ways Rock Show favourite, Lordi's new single, released in advance of the new album, a couple of bands from Canada, new music from a certain Mr Hansen (you may know him from bands such as Helloween and Gamma Ray) and... well... quite a lot of other things.  Don't just take my word for it, look at the playlist below and click on the Soundcloud player above.

Want to know more?  Turn it all the way up.
Lordi - Hug You Hardcore
Medevil - Nightwalk
Chariots Of The Gods - Ages Unsung
Covered: Sabaton - Camouflage
Iron Mask - Cursed In The Devil's Mill
Kai Hansen - Born Free
SOS Festival 2017: Kill II This - Typhoid and Swans
SOS Festival 2017: I Saw The World Burn - Apostasis
SOS Festival 2017: Pythia - The King's Ruin
SOS Festival 2017: Crowsaw - Bitch Blues
SOS Festival 2017: Fahran - Take This City Alive
SOS Festival 2017: Resin - End Of Level
SOS Festival 2017: Screaming Eagles - One Man Revolution
Sabaton - Sparta
Sabaton speak to Nick from Nuclear Blast
Sabaton - Blood Of Bannockburn
Record Of The Week: Jinjer - Captain Clock
Record Of The Week: Jinjer - Sit Stay Roll Over
Record Of The Week: Jinjer - Under The Dome
Metallica - Hardwired
Testament - Brotherhood Of The Snake
In Flames - The End

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